Link foreX,深植于金融行业数十载,一直以勇往直前的魄力,在全球经济的滚滚浪潮之中搏得一席之地。
在这里,我们要感谢所有客户、合作伙伴与全球数百名Link foreX的员工。我们一起,相互激励,彼此信任,从容面对大时代所带来的机遇和挑战。
我们不畏惧困难,因为我们的梦想始终坚定而有力。我们深信,每一位员工,都将会成为企业发展的动力,以饱满的激情投入到开创大时代的舞台之上,为Link foreX 的未来谱写出最壮丽的诗篇。

Link Forex, deeply rooted in the financial industry for decades, has been courage to move forward in the global economy, the wave of waves to be a place.
Here, we would like to thank all of our customers, partners with hundreds of Linkforex employees around the world. We all together, we inspire each other, trust each other, calmly face the opportunities and challenges brought about by the great times.
We are aware that the future competition of enterprises is the competition of technological innovation and the competition of brand depth, the competition of the ability of internal and external cooperation and sustainable development of our enterprise. We are constantly looking forward to the development of global innovation. Be true to our customers word to built the quality service competition!
We are not afraid of difficulties, because our dreams are always firm and powerful. We are convinced that every employee will be the driving force behind the development of the enterprise, with full passion to invest in the stage to create a great era for Linkforex's future spectrum to write the most magnificent poem.
Let us listen carefully to the wealth, with the accumulation of wealth, with love to control wealth, with virtue in wealth, and make customers and partners win-win situation development, create brilliant!
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